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FG Wilson ASK-1103 Generator Service Kit

FG Wilson parts maximise the productivity and life expectancy of your generator and other component parts as well as promoting engine efficiency resulting in your generator using less fuel. Using non genuine parts in your generator could increase the risk of damage as well as a possible increase in oil and fuel consumption. This kit contains the following filters - Pre-Fuel: 10000-06412Fuel: 10000-59650Oil: 10000-51233Air: 901-046 Suitable for FG Wilson Generators:P33-1P33-4P26-4s Perkins engines build ranges:DJ51506 DJ51508 XK51600Price Inc. VAT £27.34All of our products are advertised elsewhere. So please contact us to check availability before purchasing *Delivery not included*.

Advert Placed: Mon, 10th June
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27.34 GBP

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     FG Wilson ASK-1103 Generator Service Kit

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Stuart House, Hargham Road, Shropham, Norfolk, NR171DT, UK

Tel: +44 (0)1953 454540

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FG Wilson ASK-1103 Generator Service Kit

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